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I have been homeschooling for more than 15 years now and everyone who knows me knows that I love to encourage other homeschool moms. Homeschooling has it’s ups and downs but I have learned how to enjoy it and my kids while we all learn.

I have been a homeschool leader and teacher and I enjoy watching local and online homeschool communities grow. For many years, I ran a homeschool blog that reached large numbers of homeschool families.

  • Are you looking for help with homeschooling your children using the methods that work best for your family and lifestyle?
  • Are you running a homeschool blog or
  • Are you building a business to reach homeschool families?

If you would like personalized coaching for any of these issues, please book a time to chat with me using the calendar below.

To see years of homeschool resources I have posted online and learn more about my approach to homeschooling, continue to scroll down below and find links to my blog and social media collections.


Check out my Fun Homeschool Mom blog for years of encouraging posts and resources.


Explore my homeschooling boards on Pinterest for years of valuable Christian homeschooling resources.



Bible Teacher & Encourager

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