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Christian Coaching

My Coaching

Christian life coaching is not meant to be a replacement for following the leading of God in your life. Instead, it should be used to continually point you closer to God and help you become conformed to the image of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. My goal as a Christian coach is to continually point you towards a closer relationship with God through Bible study and prayer. My emphasis is on helping you find the freedom and abundance through Christ promised to all believers.

My Goal

Pointing you to your abundant life through prayer, Bible study and encouragement.

Bible-Based Coaching

I draw on the Bible and biblical principles as I seek to encourage God’s people and lead them closer to him. When I work with you, I will depend heavily on the wisdom that God gives us in his Word. I also require prayer to guide me as I help you. Most times, expect that we will spend some time praying together. Your assignments from me may include Bible verses to look up and suggestions on establishing regular times with God in prayer.


Bible Teacher & Encourager

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