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Facebook News

F8 had lots of good news for marketers. Here is a summary:

Messenger Platform bots- you get paid more easily. “ 900M monthly users that Messenger currently boasts (that number growing every day)”


Live API- No longer limited to smartphones- “a new way for developers and publishers to join forces to build immersive and interactive live video experiences on Facebook.” From Buffer blog- In January 2016, Zuckerberg stated that users are watching more than 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook, with that number rising by the day. Marketers can expect Live video to be the #1 priority in the Facebook algorithm.

Video Discovery- new mobile video browsing hub and video search engine on mobile devices. Also, Live Videos are now integrated into Facebook search.

Quote Sharing feature- share quotes from anywhere on the web to Facebook. From the Verge- “Publishers now have access to a tool that lets them build “share quote” buttons directly into their web pages and apps. That way, whenever a user highlights text on the page, a “share quote” button with the Facebook logo pops up.” Launched already on Amazon.

Expanded Save Button- publishers can add a save button to their websites. When users save an item or article, they will view it later on Facebook. Launched already on Overstock and Product Hunt.

Instant Articles- now available to all publishers, an important way to more effectively share blog content directly to Facebook to open in Facebook. Received 20% more clicks and shared 30% more than other articles.

Crosspost videos more easily- upload only once and share video to all of your Business Pages.


Introducing Instant Articles By Facebook

Launching with just 9 major publishers, Instant Articles allows publishers to publish directly to Facebook, leading to a smoother, faster reader experience.

In exchange for publishing directly to Facebook instead of their own sites and then sharing on Facebook, the social media giant is allowing publishers to keep all ad revenues from the venture. The reading experience will be similar to that already found in Facebook’s Paper app.

Instant articles from

Learn more by watching the Facebook video below.

Introducing Instant Articles, a new tool for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook.

Posted by Facebook Media on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Latest in Content Marketing: SEO Text vs Images, Short Content, Content Tools

Today’s content marketing articles will help us decide on how to use text and images for SEO and what types of short content work. Today’s featured resource is an awesome list of content tools from the informative HubSpot content experts.


1. SEO Content: The Perfect Mix of Text and Images for SEO Success

To make sure you are optimizing SEO even in image-driven content consider describing your images or how they were created, add appropriate tags to all images, including geo-tagging for a local business and consider the interplay of social and SEO. via SEMrush Blog.

2. Small is Beautiful: 6 Shorter Content Types that Work

Specific tips, news in your field, questions you have answered, a glossary of terms, a resource list or content from your other assets are easy ways to create short pieces of content. Sometimes, shorter is better! via Blog


3. The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

Tools for research, writing, editing and designing are in this top-notch list. Plus, a timely reminder that automation will not replace those who use it. From our friends at Hubspot.


How are you doing optimizing your content, including images for SEO? Are you creating content that works for you? If you need any help, contact us. We would love to provide your business with a free digital diagnostic to see how we can assist you in meeting your business goals.

F8- Facebook News You Should Know

Facebook’s big developers conference this past week was full of surprises and changes at the world’s largest social media company. There are many changes in store, some of which are important for content marketers and social media managers. Check out these articles for more details.

F8 2015: Updates on Connectivity Lab, Facebook AI Research and Oculus

Facebook Introduces Messenger As a Platform, Embeddable Videos, and More at F8 by @mattsouthern

Live Blog From F8: Zuckerberg Spells Out Facebook Strategy

F8 2015: New Ways to Connect with the Facebook Family of Apps

Messenger at F8

What brands and publishers need to know about Facebook’s developer conference

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Try To Explain How They Don’t Really Compete

Fashion, B2B, Expectations, New Baby: Social Media and Content Marketing News

Let’s explore the latest in social media and content marketing. Here are my most interesting and useful tweets and tips from around the web. news

All About You?

Is your business structured around what  YOU offer or the people you are serving? One tip-off: does your site highlight your product or features instead of how customers use your products? Be part of the 30% who are getting this right and not the 70% whose businesses are structured around their offerings.

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