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What Is A Mission Statement?

Your mission statement gives clarity as you guide your business. It is a brief statement crafted to identify:
-What you offer (your strength)
-Why you offer it (need)
-Who is your main target market (buyer persona)
-How your customers or client will benefit from your business (how do you help)

Create or update your company mission statement today.


Website Optimization

Your website is your online representative, the ambassador for your business. Now is the time to evaluate your website’s appearance and effectiveness. According to several studies I reviewed, here are the top trends ??for business websites in 2016:

-✅Mobile first- more people will access your site on mobile than desktop. Major players are optimizing their sites to br viewed on mobile.

-✅Interactive- from light boxes to quizzes, getting visitors to engage on your website increases lead capture.

-✅Easy contact- interactive chat boxes or phone call widgets that allow visitors to instantly get questions answered and objectives addressed increase on-site conversions.

  1. No matter how up-to-date your site is, it is never too late to fix it. . Ask for constructive criticism about your visitor’s site experience.