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Website Optimization

Your website is your online representative, the ambassador for your business. Now is the time to evaluate your website’s appearance and effectiveness. According to several studies I reviewed, here are the top trends ??for business websites in 2016:

-✅Mobile first- more people will access your site on mobile than desktop. Major players are optimizing their sites to br viewed on mobile.

-✅Interactive- from light boxes to quizzes, getting visitors to engage on your website increases lead capture.

-✅Easy contact- interactive chat boxes or phone call widgets that allow visitors to instantly get questions answered and objectives addressed increase on-site conversions.

  1. No matter how up-to-date your site is, it is never too late to fix it. . Ask for constructive criticism about your visitor’s site experience.

The Latest in Content Marketing: SEO Text vs Images, Short Content, Content Tools

Today’s content marketing articles will help us decide on how to use text and images for SEO and what types of short content work. Today’s featured resource is an awesome list of content tools from the informative HubSpot content experts.


1. SEO Content: The Perfect Mix of Text and Images for SEO Success

To make sure you are optimizing SEO even in image-driven content consider describing your images or how they were created, add appropriate tags to all images, including geo-tagging for a local business and consider the interplay of social and SEO. via SEMrush Blog.

2. Small is Beautiful: 6 Shorter Content Types that Work

Specific tips, news in your field, questions you have answered, a glossary of terms, a resource list or content from your other assets are easy ways to create short pieces of content. Sometimes, shorter is better! via Blog


3. The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

Tools for research, writing, editing and designing are in this top-notch list. Plus, a timely reminder that automation will not replace those who use it. From our friends at Hubspot.


How are you doing optimizing your content, including images for SEO? Are you creating content that works for you? If you need any help, contact us. We would love to provide your business with a free digital diagnostic to see how we can assist you in meeting your business goals.

New Rainmaker Review 2015

Updated: New Rainmaker, an all-in-one website solution and online business platform, has been a blessing to me and my business. With it’s emphasis on helping the business owner maintain a tight focus on creating content, cultivating relationships and measuring outcomes, the New Rainmaker Platform solves many time consuming problems of online entrepreneurs, both new and experienced.
New Rainmaker is a comprehensive pre-made system for marketing that also includes:
  • your “self-hosted” Wordpress website
  • free gorgeous, high-quality, responsive WordPress themes by StudioPress
  • podcast hosting and sharing support
  • SEO optimization of each post as well as your overall site
  • lead pages and sales pages
  • membership site hosting
  • e-commerce for your downloads
  • analytics
  • blog calendar and scheduling
  • awesome quick support
  • full membership to Authority which is a prominent online marketing University sponsored by the famous
  • built-in course creator (learning management system)
  • adaptive responses and more
I find New Rainmaker to be very affordable and a good value because of all the programs and services it replaces. It is the least expensive option of all that I looked at.
First, let me describe for whom the New Rainmaker platform is best and not best.
New Rainmaker will most benefit:
  • The busy entrepreneur who wants to grow the production of her business rapidly and does not have the time to deal with outdated plugins or lack of support.
  • The new entrepreneur who may still be working at a full-time job or juggling other responsibilities who wants to focus primarily on the income-producing part of his business.
  • The growing entrepreneur who has a successful online business (or 2!) but wants to create another stream of income through another business quickly and easily
New Rainmaker may be frustrating for those entrepreneurs who:
  • Like to tinker with CSS and customize every single detail of their website
  • Enjoy researching and installing multiple plugins
  • Prefer to maintain separate billing for separate services such as web hosting, social scheduling, lead page creation, course creation, podcast hosting and sharing, selling information products and membership sites.
My favorite features of New Rainmaker so far:
  • #1 has to be the support. I am one to run to Google to answer every question for me but that can be time-consuming. With New Rainmaker, one e-mail and my question, no matter how large or small, will be answered quickly. Also, the Knowledge Base and New Rainmaker forums and webinars on the Authority site are amazing.
  • I love the built-in SEO features that help me to quickly and easily optimize each post, including the images and title shared on each social media site.
  • The Studio Press themes are so good! And new ones are being added often. I love the step-by-step instructions so I can make my site look exactly as the demo.
  • I had been researching podcasting options and I am very pleased with the New Rainmaker podcasting solution which optimizes my podcasts for upload to iTunes.
  • The built in landing pages and sales pages are beautiful and that saves me from having to pay for another option.
  • The integration with Paypal, Stripe and is seamless
  • The integration with my Mail Chimp account is very helpful
Overall, my experience with New Rainmaker has been very  positive. I have saved both time and money. Most importantly, New Rainmaker has helped this easily distractible entrepreneur focus on her business in ways that are most profitable and not get caught up in time-consuming details. I highly recommend New Rainmaker.
Details: A free trial is available. After the 2-week trial, the charge is $95/month, payable quarterly at $285. Access your free trial through my affiliate link here.
new rainmaker trial

5 Tools: Online Reputation Management

How can you keep track of what is being said about you online? And  why should you bother?

Online reputation management is a growing concern of business today. Your online reputation is very important. Whether your business is online or offline, customers and clients are discussing you and your business with their friends and colleagues. You need to be part of that conversation.

If the conversation is positive, terrific! Leave a note thanking the commenter. If customers are giving suggestions on how you could improve, again thank them and make sure that you make a note of it. If a negative comment is seen, reply, offering to speak or email directly to them or have them contact your customer service.

5 simple ways to monitor when you or your business are mentioned online:

  • Google alerts– allows you to search for specific terms and sends results to your email or rss reader
  • Copyscape– searches for your content plagiarized on the web
  •– gives you news about you and your network
  • Talkwalker -monitor your business on social media
  • Mention– helps you listen to what is being said about your business

Be sure to put a system in place to regularly monitor, respond and repair (if needed) your reputation online.

Need help with reputation monitoring or repair for you or your small business? Contact us for a free consultations and to see how we might help.

Can Facebook Groups Help My Business?

Yes,Facebook groups can be a useful and fun way to grow your business. I started my first Facebook group with very little expectation and not having heard of other business professionals starting Facebook groups. I was pleasantly surprised at the benefits and versatility of Facebook groups for a business.

How can Facebook groups help your business? They assist you in building mutually beneficial relationships in which you establish yourself as an expert or authority.

Facebook groups can serve several purposes for a business owner or service professional:

  • Get to know your audience and potential clients or customers by engaging in open, honest conversations with them.
  • Find out the needs of your audience through surveys built into the Facebook group post template.
  • Establish yourself as an expert and authority in your field by answering questions in your field or about your business.
  • Build goodwill among your audience by offering free advice and help as you are able
  • Get to know others and how they might be able to help you
  • Let group members know how you can help them or someone they know with your expertise.

So now that you are convinced of the benefits of starting a Facebook group, what should you do once you start the group? You have probably noticed in most groups those who regularly post pieces of interest to you that make you want to find out more or inspire or educate you. Here are some ideas of how to contribute meaningful content to your group.

  • As a minimum, use the 4:1 rule: post 4 informative items before every one promotional item for your business.
  • Let the group get to know you through your informative posts. Make people want to know more about you and your business
  • Did you read an interesting business article you could share?
  • Inspiring quote come through your newsfeed?
  • Any news in your field?
  • Tech tips you can share?
  • Do you create beautiful items and have photos of interest?
  • Are there behind-the-scenes videos or photos you could share?

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your business Facebook group.

Need help getting your Facebook group started? Contact us for a free consultation and information on how we can assist.

Social Media and Prayer

Do you ever feel like you need the power of worldwide prayers to sustain you in your time of need?
In addition to your local supports, turn to social media with your prayer requests.
People who care will share and within hours, the faithful all over the world will be praying for  you.
I saw this happen when tragedy struck a good friend of mine whose child died suddenly in an accident.
Prayer warriors were mobilized into the wee hours of the night for the precious child and she told me that she felt the prayers of believers surrounding her.
Even as I publish this post, this same family is again asking for prayer for the Dad who was diagnosed with a tumor.
I will be praying. I hope you will too.

How I Came To Love Sharing About Content Marketing

As I started journey to learn all that I could, I discovered one disturbing fact- some of the websites and books offering information on these topics were outdated and unhelpful.Many seemed geared only to enterprise level brands. Even references from just several months or 1-year ago were already outdated as social media platforms change their algorithms! I realized I had to carefully choose my sources of information, cross-check sources and data and read between the lines.

From this, I realized that I could begin to create my own content based on my experiences using the best of the data I was learning from. So, Victoria Carrington, the website and information source was formed along with the Christian Entrepreneur Business Network. I hope you find the resources here helpful for your entrepreneurial journey.

What you will find here:
• Encouraging entrepreneurial quotes
• content marketing articles
• social media marketing strategies
• entrepreneurial biographies
• best apps for entrepreneurs
• gadgets to increase the efficiency of the entrepreneur
• support for the entrepreneurial lifestyle

Explode your business using Facebook groups (Hint:Use the 4:1 rule for this get rich slow plan)

Do you belong to various Facebook groups with the goal of promoting your business to the members of the group?

If you have not already noticed, I will tell you now: posting your business offerings over and over again to various groups is generally not conducive to turn fellow group members into paying customers.

You have also probably noticed in most groups that there a few members who regularly post topics of interest to you that make you want to find out more about them or their business. These are usually posts that inspire or educate you.

So, how can Facebook groups help your business? They can assist you in building mutually beneficial relationships in which you establish yourself as an expert or authority.
You get to know others and how they might be able to help you and others know how you can help them or someone they know.
Use the 4:1 rule: post 4 informative items before every one promotional item.
Did you read an interesting business article you could share?
Inspiring quote come through your newsfeed?
Any news in your field?
Tech tips you can share?
Do you create beautiful items and have photos you can share with the group?
Let the group get to know you through your informative posts. Make people want to know more about you and your business
Then, when you do share your businesses, websites and social media links, you will showcase your business in the best light.

How To Build Relationships On Facebook

To build relationships on FB, consider two aspects.

  • What you share on your own wall. On your own wall, be personal and authentic. Share what gets you excited, happy or inspired. Answer questions or like comments.
  •  How you interact with the posts of others. For others posts, encourage them. This can be by liking or sharing a post, leaving a comment or giving advice/answering a question. If you have a particular area of expertise, be sure to share that when you can to help others in your network.

Treating others as you would like to be treated remains the Golden Rule on Facebook as in our offline lives.