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Victoria is an author, Bible teacher, Christian leadership coach, social media specialist. She is a passionate Jesus-follower and homeschooling mom of two who enjoys writing and encouraging others.

Report: Why You Are Failing At Social Media Marketing (And What You Can Do Today To Fix It)

You have started profiles on all of the major social media channels that are best for your niche. You keep posting about your sales and specials and promoting your product. So why do you have so few followers? And why are those few followers not engaging with your posts? And most of all, why are your sales and profits not increasing as a result of your social media efforts?
failing at social media
Most likely you are having one of these problems:
  • Failed to optimize your profile
  • Not reaching out to others in your niche and related areas
  • Neglecting content marketing- failing to provide useful, shareable  content
  • Not cross-promoting your social profiles in your entire online and offline presence
  • No consistently posting
  • Lack of engaging or interacting with others on social media
  • Failing to share enough valuable information
What can you do to fix your lack of results from your social media campaign? (If you are saying “What social media campaign?” then you need to first design a social media strategy)
  1. Post or schedule at least 3 curated articles or other media of interest to your audience.
  2. Use hashtags to let  interested users find your posts.
  3. Then, optimize your profile. Upload a good picture of yourself, add details about your offerings and give a call to action.
  4. Next, reach out to at least 30 influencers and others in your niche. Follow them, comment or like as appropriate.
  5. Study the curated content people engage with on your profile, create your own content on similar topics and begin posting it.
  6. Set yourself up with an automated system to post consistently.
These straightforward tips will get you started on the road to social media success.

Introducing Instant Articles By Facebook

Launching with just 9 major publishers, Instant Articles allows publishers to publish directly to Facebook, leading to a smoother, faster reader experience.

In exchange for publishing directly to Facebook instead of their own sites and then sharing on Facebook, the social media giant is allowing publishers to keep all ad revenues from the venture. The reading experience will be similar to that already found in Facebook’s Paper app.

Instant articles from

Learn more by watching the Facebook video below.

Introducing Instant Articles, a new tool for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook.

Posted by Facebook Media on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Story: Victoria Carrington

I think I was born with the entrepreneurial bug.  I started my first business, a local neighborhood enterprise,  at the age of 12.
I started reading business magazines in high school and attended B-school seminars in college despite my biology major. After going in a different direction by pursuing a medical career, God directed me back to business ownership after my first child was born.  After being involved in a few different ventures, I still did not feel settled. I knew God wanted something else from me and I was pretty sure it involved more of him and more time with the family he gave me.
My story:
After being long on the path to become a medical professional, I felt unfulfilled at the end of my journey. These feeling of unrest, combined with my desire for lifestyle changes after my first child was born, led me to begin my career as an online entrepreneur (way back in the old days ) in the year 2000.
I started as a freelance writer for various medical and parenting websites and offline parenting and lifestyle magazines.I supplemented my income by entering and winning various writing contests.  I started learning about the value of creating a wealth legacy by creating a passive income.
Many years and another child later, I decided to embark on this journey. Starting from scratch, I began a online ministry, Encourager Mom, something I always wanted to do. Through this experience, I learned a lot about WordPress, social media and content creation, oh my! It was a crash course as so much had changed since I first entered the online blogging scene in 2003. I began to see the importance of topics like building your brand, marketing your content as an important asset and nurturing relationships through social media and e-mail.
As I started my journey to learn all that I could, I discovered one disturbing fact- some of the websites and books offering information on these topics were outdated and unhelpful.Even references from just several months or 1-year ago were already outdated! I realized I had to carefully choose my sources of information, cross-check sources and data and read between the lines.
From this, I realized that I could begin to create my own content based on my experiences using the best of the data I was learning from. So, Victoria Carrington, the website and information source was formed along with the Christian Entrepreneur Business Network. I hope you find the resources here helpful for your entrepreneurial journey.
Are you a fellow sufferer of the entrepreneurial bug? If so, join me to learn how I can help you accomplish your dream. Fill out the contact form below to connect.

What C-Media Marketing Can Do For Your Business

What you need:

  • More clients
  • More referrals
  • Increased profits
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • More time to work on your core business
  • Help to conquer the overwhelm of new technologies and platforms

How C-Media Marketing can help:

  • Create interesting, engaging content for your target audience/buyer persona
  • Share your company content on appropriate social media platforms
  • Increase your authority and expertise in your industry
  • Create a loyal base of fans that share your content and refer to you
  • Save money by reducing dependence on traditional, expensive, less effective marketing
  • Save time by focusing your marketing efforts

About The Founder, Victoria Carrington

Overview of Victoria’s experience:

  • Freelance copywriter specializing in medical, parenting and Christian topics
  • Article writer for online and offline parenting, family and marriage publications
  • Parenting humor writer with her writing featured in an anthology
  • Winner of multiple prizes for her writing (including a trip to France)
  • Blogger since 2003 at
  • Author, Encouraging Devotions, Volume 1 and 2
  • Founder and content creator of
  • Founder of popular and growing Encourager Mom Facebook Page and Twitter profile
  • Curator of the Fun Homeschool Mom Pinterest Profile including her most popular boards,  Fun Science Network and Middle School Science Boards
  • Founder of a fast-growing, lively Facebook group, Christian Entrepreneurs Business Network
  • Former owner of a family and child therapy practice
  • Holds degrees from Northwestern University and Case Western Reserve University

Three things you may not know about Victoria. She is a:

  • Technology enthusiast- Maker, Hacker, Apple Fan Girl
  • Tech and business news junkie
  • Early adopter of social media

Most recent courses taken:

  • Content Strategy for Professionals 1: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization (Northwestern University via
  • Introduction to Marketing (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania via

Victoria’s experience with social media content marketing:

Victoria made her Encourager Mom idea a success faster than she ever though possible using social media content marketing. She wants to help your business achieve the same. After being surprised by her success and wanting to learn more about how she could replicate it, she dedicated herself to studying basic marketing principles, social media and content marketing strategy.

Now, Victoria helps other businesses achieve success by engaging a wider audience using social media content marketing. Social media content marketing as Victoria defines it is “Using the power of social platforms to drive relevant content to a target audience.”

Find out more and let us know how we can help your business today! Please fill out the contact form below.

The Latest in Content Marketing: SEO Text vs Images, Short Content, Content Tools

Today’s content marketing articles will help us decide on how to use text and images for SEO and what types of short content work. Today’s featured resource is an awesome list of content tools from the informative HubSpot content experts.


1. SEO Content: The Perfect Mix of Text and Images for SEO Success

To make sure you are optimizing SEO even in image-driven content consider describing your images or how they were created, add appropriate tags to all images, including geo-tagging for a local business and consider the interplay of social and SEO. via SEMrush Blog.

2. Small is Beautiful: 6 Shorter Content Types that Work

Specific tips, news in your field, questions you have answered, a glossary of terms, a resource list or content from your other assets are easy ways to create short pieces of content. Sometimes, shorter is better! via Blog


3. The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

Tools for research, writing, editing and designing are in this top-notch list. Plus, a timely reminder that automation will not replace those who use it. From our friends at Hubspot.


How are you doing optimizing your content, including images for SEO? Are you creating content that works for you? If you need any help, contact us. We would love to provide your business with a free digital diagnostic to see how we can assist you in meeting your business goals.

New Rainmaker Review 2015

Updated: New Rainmaker, an all-in-one website solution and online business platform, has been a blessing to me and my business. With it’s emphasis on helping the business owner maintain a tight focus on creating content, cultivating relationships and measuring outcomes, the New Rainmaker Platform solves many time consuming problems of online entrepreneurs, both new and experienced.
New Rainmaker is a comprehensive pre-made system for marketing that also includes:
  • your “self-hosted” Wordpress website
  • free gorgeous, high-quality, responsive WordPress themes by StudioPress
  • podcast hosting and sharing support
  • SEO optimization of each post as well as your overall site
  • lead pages and sales pages
  • membership site hosting
  • e-commerce for your downloads
  • analytics
  • blog calendar and scheduling
  • awesome quick support
  • full membership to Authority which is a prominent online marketing University sponsored by the famous
  • built-in course creator (learning management system)
  • adaptive responses and more
I find New Rainmaker to be very affordable and a good value because of all the programs and services it replaces. It is the least expensive option of all that I looked at.
First, let me describe for whom the New Rainmaker platform is best and not best.
New Rainmaker will most benefit:
  • The busy entrepreneur who wants to grow the production of her business rapidly and does not have the time to deal with outdated plugins or lack of support.
  • The new entrepreneur who may still be working at a full-time job or juggling other responsibilities who wants to focus primarily on the income-producing part of his business.
  • The growing entrepreneur who has a successful online business (or 2!) but wants to create another stream of income through another business quickly and easily
New Rainmaker may be frustrating for those entrepreneurs who:
  • Like to tinker with CSS and customize every single detail of their website
  • Enjoy researching and installing multiple plugins
  • Prefer to maintain separate billing for separate services such as web hosting, social scheduling, lead page creation, course creation, podcast hosting and sharing, selling information products and membership sites.
My favorite features of New Rainmaker so far:
  • #1 has to be the support. I am one to run to Google to answer every question for me but that can be time-consuming. With New Rainmaker, one e-mail and my question, no matter how large or small, will be answered quickly. Also, the Knowledge Base and New Rainmaker forums and webinars on the Authority site are amazing.
  • I love the built-in SEO features that help me to quickly and easily optimize each post, including the images and title shared on each social media site.
  • The Studio Press themes are so good! And new ones are being added often. I love the step-by-step instructions so I can make my site look exactly as the demo.
  • I had been researching podcasting options and I am very pleased with the New Rainmaker podcasting solution which optimizes my podcasts for upload to iTunes.
  • The built in landing pages and sales pages are beautiful and that saves me from having to pay for another option.
  • The integration with Paypal, Stripe and is seamless
  • The integration with my Mail Chimp account is very helpful
Overall, my experience with New Rainmaker has been very  positive. I have saved both time and money. Most importantly, New Rainmaker has helped this easily distractible entrepreneur focus on her business in ways that are most profitable and not get caught up in time-consuming details. I highly recommend New Rainmaker.
Details: A free trial is available. After the 2-week trial, the charge is $95/month, payable quarterly at $285. Access your free trial through my affiliate link here.
new rainmaker trial

5 Tools: Online Reputation Management

How can you keep track of what is being said about you online? And  why should you bother?

Online reputation management is a growing concern of business today. Your online reputation is very important. Whether your business is online or offline, customers and clients are discussing you and your business with their friends and colleagues. You need to be part of that conversation.

If the conversation is positive, terrific! Leave a note thanking the commenter. If customers are giving suggestions on how you could improve, again thank them and make sure that you make a note of it. If a negative comment is seen, reply, offering to speak or email directly to them or have them contact your customer service.

5 simple ways to monitor when you or your business are mentioned online:

  • Google alerts– allows you to search for specific terms and sends results to your email or rss reader
  • Copyscape– searches for your content plagiarized on the web
  •– gives you news about you and your network
  • Talkwalker -monitor your business on social media
  • Mention– helps you listen to what is being said about your business

Be sure to put a system in place to regularly monitor, respond and repair (if needed) your reputation online.

Need help with reputation monitoring or repair for you or your small business? Contact us for a free consultations and to see how we might help.

Can Facebook Groups Help My Business?

Yes,Facebook groups can be a useful and fun way to grow your business. I started my first Facebook group with very little expectation and not having heard of other business professionals starting Facebook groups. I was pleasantly surprised at the benefits and versatility of Facebook groups for a business.

How can Facebook groups help your business? They assist you in building mutually beneficial relationships in which you establish yourself as an expert or authority.

Facebook groups can serve several purposes for a business owner or service professional:

  • Get to know your audience and potential clients or customers by engaging in open, honest conversations with them.
  • Find out the needs of your audience through surveys built into the Facebook group post template.
  • Establish yourself as an expert and authority in your field by answering questions in your field or about your business.
  • Build goodwill among your audience by offering free advice and help as you are able
  • Get to know others and how they might be able to help you
  • Let group members know how you can help them or someone they know with your expertise.

So now that you are convinced of the benefits of starting a Facebook group, what should you do once you start the group? You have probably noticed in most groups those who regularly post pieces of interest to you that make you want to find out more or inspire or educate you. Here are some ideas of how to contribute meaningful content to your group.

  • As a minimum, use the 4:1 rule: post 4 informative items before every one promotional item for your business.
  • Let the group get to know you through your informative posts. Make people want to know more about you and your business
  • Did you read an interesting business article you could share?
  • Inspiring quote come through your newsfeed?
  • Any news in your field?
  • Tech tips you can share?
  • Do you create beautiful items and have photos of interest?
  • Are there behind-the-scenes videos or photos you could share?

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your business Facebook group.

Need help getting your Facebook group started? Contact us for a free consultation and information on how we can assist.

Promote your content marketing


What a sense of accomplishment! You have created high-quality, relevant content for your business or that of your client. But wait. You’re not done yet. Without exposing your content to your potential audience, you have just wasted time and money. Here are tips on how to promote your content from my recent tweet.

F8- Facebook News You Should Know

Facebook’s big developers conference this past week was full of surprises and changes at the world’s largest social media company. There are many changes in store, some of which are important for content marketers and social media managers. Check out these articles for more details.

F8 2015: Updates on Connectivity Lab, Facebook AI Research and Oculus

Facebook Introduces Messenger As a Platform, Embeddable Videos, and More at F8 by @mattsouthern

Live Blog From F8: Zuckerberg Spells Out Facebook Strategy

F8 2015: New Ways to Connect with the Facebook Family of Apps

Messenger at F8

What brands and publishers need to know about Facebook’s developer conference

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Try To Explain How They Don’t Really Compete

Fashion, B2B, Expectations, New Baby: Social Media and Content Marketing News

Let’s explore the latest in social media and content marketing. Here are my most interesting and useful tweets and tips from around the web. news

All About You?

Is your business structured around what  YOU offer or the people you are serving? One tip-off: does your site highlight your product or features instead of how customers use your products? Be part of the 30% who are getting this right and not the 70% whose businesses are structured around their offerings.

Continue reading Fashion, B2B, Expectations, New Baby: Social Media and Content Marketing News

Is content marketing only for big brands?

The answer is NO. Content marketing works for solo, micro and small business and my experience and that of thousands of others  proves this.

Before I knew about the field of content marketing, I used these methods to grow my Encourager Mom community from a handful of friends to thousands. Small businesses are increasingly utilizing the power of content marketing to boost their revenues.

While it is true that big brands such as Red Bull, Marriott and Coke are well-publicized for their content marketing success, small businesses are adapting the methods for their audiences.

You want what the big brands want:

  • High-quality content that accurately reflects your brand
  • Ways to reach your customers where they spend much of their time, online and on social networks
  • Informative content to keep visitors returning and establish your authority and expertise in your field
  • Content that can be repurposed in many different ways across multiple channels
  • Well-written content by a native English speaker and prize-winning writer
  • Diverse types of content including your text in video and images

Are you ready to upgrade your business and reach more customers or clients?

From content creation to content curation, we help you find the best resources for your content marketing strategy. Let us work for you and help you build a business based on content to help you reach your audience.



Social Media and Prayer

Do you ever feel like you need the power of worldwide prayers to sustain you in your time of need?
In addition to your local supports, turn to social media with your prayer requests.
People who care will share and within hours, the faithful all over the world will be praying for  you.
I saw this happen when tragedy struck a good friend of mine whose child died suddenly in an accident.
Prayer warriors were mobilized into the wee hours of the night for the precious child and she told me that she felt the prayers of believers surrounding her.
Even as I publish this post, this same family is again asking for prayer for the Dad who was diagnosed with a tumor.
I will be praying. I hope you will too.

Content Marketing Strategy

  • Struggling to define and maintain your content marketing strategy?
  • Need to learn more about what is a content marketing strategy?
  • Does your company have a written content marketing strategy in place?

The keystone of marketing today, many small businesses and solo entrepreneurs have a lot to learn about today’s content marketing. But where to start and once you start, how can you keep up with all the changes?  It can be challenging to find the time to keep up with news in the field of content marketing.

How we can help you with our learning resources and services:

  • Keep up-to-date- Our diligent review of the top content marketing resources are presented to you on various social media channels and in our newsletter.
  •  Learn about content marketing- We provide many ways for you to learn
  • Save time- we have gathered good resources here in one place for you
  • Grow faster, reach a wider audience- Applying the principles of lean startups to your small business content marketing will help you grow faster with less risk.
  • Build relationships- Use the power of content to listen to and engage your audience

Check back often here at for our insights into small business content marketing.  We will also provide the latest in all aspects of content marketing from thought leaders and the brands they manage.

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Inspirational Business Quotes For You

You know what you need to do but find it hard to get motivated. Or maybe you are working hard keeping your business going but you need inspiration along the way. Either way, our inspirational business quotes are designed to help you when you need it most.

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Social Media News Updates

Social media is a crucial component of any successful content marketing strategy. Why? Without a delivery system, your content will not help you. Social media is one of today’s most powerful delivery systems for content. The problem is, social media terms, algorithms and offerings change often.

Are you:

  • Too busy to keep up with all the changes in social media?
  • Ready to expand your reach by using social media more effectively?
  • Creating great content but no one sees it?
  • Not sure where to start to get your business a following on social media?
  • Is your head spinning trying to keep up with the latest social media news updates?
  • Concerned about keeping up with the Terms of Service, privacy and other details on social media channels?

Social media news for business is constantly being updated. We take seriously the role of keeping you informed about the latest changes on each social media platform.

Staying informed about algorithm updates, new features and changes to Terms of Service can be challenging for any entrepreneur relying on social media as an important part of his or her marketing strategy.


How can we help? We:

  • Search the latest feeds regularly so you don’t have to.
  • Present the most useful, helpful articles and resources via social media or our newsletter
  • Publish informative articles on our website
  • Are available for consultation about your content and social media marketing strategy

Let us know how we can help you climb the social media mountain.

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