To Train Up A Child, Watch How You Walk

The biblical proverb tells us to “Train up a child in the way he should go…”.

How do we live that out every day as moms? The answer is found in another passage of Scripture, Deuteronomy 6. There we learn that we are to teach our children the ways of God in the every day workings of our lives, when we get up and when we journey through our day.

Heavenly Father,
Show us how to walk in your ways so we can teach our children the way they should go in everything that we do.

May our children see us living in humility and obedience to you as we interact with them each and every moment of every day.

Help us to seek forgiveness when we fall short of being the examples of Jesus that you want us to be.

Help us to love our children as you do and to always seek what is best for the in your eyes, not our own.

As we seek to raise our children to follow you, let us lean not on our own understanding but acknowledge you and your wisdom instead.We thank you for the precious gift of children.

Help us to disciple our children well for your honor and glory.


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