Today’s Praise from Psalm 147

Today’s Praise (and a lesson on prayer with praise)

Keeping our attention on praise, let’s look at a few verses in Psalm 147. The jubilant writer of Psalm 147 gives many reasons to praise the Lord. Learn how to praise God in your prayer life from these verses.

Psalm Structure

The order and beauty of these verses can help you formulate your own praise prayer. The high level structure gives a view of all God did for Jerusalem then and continues to do for you today.

Praise God for peace, provision and protection.
Praise God for his powerful Word.
Praise God for his control over all creation.

As you praise God for his sovereignty over all things, take comfort in knowing he can handle anything and everything for you.

Repeat, Repeat

The initial command to praise the Lord is essentially said twice in the first two sentences. It is repeated in two different ways for emphasis as is common throughout the Old Testament. This feature, parallelism, is especially prominent in Wisdom literature, Psalms and Proverbs. Look for it. When you see it, pay careful attention as the author intended.

Here is the parallelism:

1. Extol the Lord
2. Jerusalem
1. Praise your God
2. Zion

The God of Two Spheres

The praises are grouped into two categories I call micro and macro.

Micro- Specifically for his people God:
1) strengthens

Macro- God’s power in all creation becomes the focus of praise. He controls all of creation with his commands including the:

1) Snow and frost
2) Hail and icy winds
3) Breezes and waters

Turn Your Prayer Into Praise

While  written to Jerusalem at the time of the return from Babylon, these verses were are a template for your prayer life today. Do you want to start praying and praising God more easily and effectively? Start with the words or patterns of the psalmist.

Like the psalmist, praise God for who he is and what he has done for you. Recall  God’s relationship to the earth and all that is in it. Remember his control of nature.

Make your precious prayer time causes you to focus on God and who he is. Meditating on these truths will bring you the “peace that passes all understanding”. Taking your eyes off of your circumstances and putting them  onto your Almighty God will lead to praise.

Start today. You will be blessed.