Stay Alive, Stay on the Vine

Jesus says that he is the vine and you, as a believer in him, are a branch coming off the vine. Just as life-giving sap continuously flows from the vine to the branches, so eternal, abundant life flows from Jesus to you.

You will bear fruit if you do only one thing. That one thing is to stay with Jesus. The Greek word for remain, meno, (μένω), means “to stay in the same state or place”.

Jesus doesn’t want you to leave him or to go back to your former life without him. He wants you to dwell with him forever. (Psalm 23:6)

Jesus is alive and wants to be your source of everlasting life. Why? So you will be fruitful in building his Kingdom and reaching others for him. He will keep you supplied with wisdom, joy and peace.

Pray, meditate on his word and speak of Jesus often. Acknowledge that he is the source of true life. Then enjoy the security of knowing that you will always continue to grow and be fruitful.