You Are Lovingly Created


What does it mean to be lovingly designed instead of being a random collection of molecules? This is a very important question and the answer determines how you view yourself.

You were created by God. There are three characteristics you have because you were specifically and specially created by God. You are 1) known, 2) loved and 3) kept by God.

1) God knows you intimately, better than anyone. He knew you before you were born. You can be assured that God will always guide you to what is best for you because he knows you.

2) You are loved by the everlasting love of God. Nothing can separate you from it. Rest and enjoy the lavishness of God‘s love for you.

3) God will never leave you or neglect you. He will preserve you and continue to conform you to the image of Christ. He will not leave a job undone. Whatever you need, he will be there.

Spent some time this week meditating on what it means to be lovingly created by a designer, the creator of the universe, God himself.

To read this week: Mon-Genesis 1:27, Tues-Jeremiah 1:5, Wed-Jeremiah 1:5, Th-Joshua 1:9, Fri-Romans 8:35-39, Fri-Philippians 1:6

Have a wonderful week!