God and Your Mountain

God and your mountain
God will choose which is best in your situation.
He will either:
-Move the mountain
-Level and destroy the mountain
-Get you over the mountain
God is a creative God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and inhabits His place sitting in the circle of the earth. He is not only all-knowing but he is all good. He is your Maker and knows you better than anyone else. He created you to do the good works he has just for you. You can trust him to remove every obstacle and get you over any hurdle. He is your all- powerful God who loves you. Go before God in prayer today. Tell him about your mountains and he will show you what to do. Wait for him to take you over, take you through or go a whole different way. God’s got this! Do not fear. Obey God no matter how unusual his way may seem. God’s creativity knows no limits.