God is looking for creative problem solvers

When I had my first child and started having longings of not going back to work. I remember praying fervently for a solution of how I would replace my income working from home. I kept telling God that I “could not see my way through” my situation. I could not think of any way that would be possible. After a long time of staying in denial about possibilities, not trusting God and living by sight and not by faith, God finally showed me a way. This solution to my problem was one that I never thought of, it was so far from me. But God knew. God had a solution that exceeded my imagination and expectation. I must say my imaginations and expectations were quite lacking at the time. God always had a creative solution but he needed to trust him and work with him so that it would be revealed to me. I am convinced this process took much longer than it should have because of my inability to expect God to come up with a creative solution and then to wait for him to reveal it to me. I was too busy panicking as my 6 weeks of leave dwindled away to think creatively or abundantly. My faith was severely tested and I almost failed the test. But God… in his mercy and grace, despite my issues with being close-minded, made a way for me.