The importance of optimizing your social media profiles

Social Media Power Tip from StepbyStep Social Media Academy:

Are you missing out on an essential part of social media strategy for your business growth?

If you have not fully completed your social media profiles, you are missing out.

Optimizing your social media profiles are crucial for your success.

All social media platforms offer you the opportunity to present yourself and your business to other platform users for FREE! So why do many seem to waste this opportunity? Poor profile photos, a lack of branding and incomplete information stop your social media profile from working for you. Here are important components to include in your profile (when applicable).

Start with one channel and make it fully complete and representative of you and your brand.

✅profile photo

✅cover photo

✅branding (colors, fonts, etc.)

✅website link

✅business description or tag line

If you don’t know the complete profile settings and options for your platforms, make sure you look them up.

Go check your profiles now!