Report: Why You Are Failing At Social Media Marketing (And What You Can Do Today To Fix It)

You have started profiles on all of the major social media channels that are best for your niche. You keep posting about your sales and specials and promoting your product. So why do you have so few followers? And why are those few followers not engaging with your posts? And most of all, why are your sales and profits not increasing as a result of your social media efforts?
failing at social media
Most likely you are having one of these problems:
  • Failed to optimize your profile
  • Not reaching out to others in your niche and related areas
  • Neglecting content marketing- failing to provide useful, shareable  content
  • Not cross-promoting your social profiles in your entire online and offline presence
  • No consistently posting
  • Lack of engaging or interacting with others on social media
  • Failing to share enough valuable information
What can you do to fix your lack of results from your social media campaign? (If you are saying “What social media campaign?” then you need to first design a social media strategy)
  1. Post or schedule at least 3 curated articles or other media of interest to your audience.
  2. Use hashtags to let  interested users find your posts.
  3. Then, optimize your profile. Upload a good picture of yourself, add details about your offerings and give a call to action.
  4. Next, reach out to at least 30 influencers and others in your niche. Follow them, comment or like as appropriate.
  5. Study the curated content people engage with on your profile, create your own content on similar topics and begin posting it.
  6. Set yourself up with an automated system to post consistently.
These straightforward tips will get you started on the road to social media success.

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