My Story: Victoria Carrington

I think I was born with the entrepreneurial bug.  I started my first business, a local neighborhood enterprise,  at the age of 12.
I started reading business magazines in high school and attended B-school seminars in college despite my biology major. After going in a different direction by pursuing a medical career, God directed me back to business ownership after my first child was born.  After being involved in a few different ventures, I still did not feel settled. I knew God wanted something else from me and I was pretty sure it involved more of him and more time with the family he gave me.
My story:
After being long on the path to become a medical professional, I felt unfulfilled at the end of my journey. These feeling of unrest, combined with my desire for lifestyle changes after my first child was born, led me to begin my career as an online entrepreneur (way back in the old days ) in the year 2000.
I started as a freelance writer for various medical and parenting websites and offline parenting and lifestyle magazines.I supplemented my income by entering and winning various writing contests.  I started learning about the value of creating a wealth legacy by creating a passive income.
Many years and another child later, I decided to embark on this journey. Starting from scratch, I began a online ministry, Encourager Mom, something I always wanted to do. Through this experience, I learned a lot about WordPress, social media and content creation, oh my! It was a crash course as so much had changed since I first entered the online blogging scene in 2003. I began to see the importance of topics like building your brand, marketing your content as an important asset and nurturing relationships through social media and e-mail.
As I started my journey to learn all that I could, I discovered one disturbing fact- some of the websites and books offering information on these topics were outdated and unhelpful.Even references from just several months or 1-year ago were already outdated! I realized I had to carefully choose my sources of information, cross-check sources and data and read between the lines.
From this, I realized that I could begin to create my own content based on my experiences using the best of the data I was learning from. So, Victoria Carrington, the website and information source was formed along with the Christian Entrepreneur Business Network. I hope you find the resources here helpful for your entrepreneurial journey.
Are you a fellow sufferer of the entrepreneurial bug? If so, join me to learn how I can help you accomplish your dream. Fill out the contact form below to connect.

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