About The Founder, Victoria Carrington

Overview of Victoria’s experience:

  • Freelance copywriter specializing in medical, parenting and Christian topics
  • Article writer for online and offline parenting, family and marriage publications
  • Parenting humor writer with her writing featured in an anthology
  • Winner of multiple prizes for her writing (including a trip to France)
  • Blogger since 2003 at FunHomeschoolMom.com
  • Author, Encouraging Devotions, Volume 1 and 2
  • Founder and content creator of EncouragerMom.com
  • Founder of popular and growing Encourager Mom Facebook Page and Twitter profile
  • Curator of the Fun Homeschool Mom Pinterest Profile including her most popular boards,  Fun Science Network and Middle School Science Boards
  • Founder of a fast-growing, lively Facebook group, Christian Entrepreneurs Business Network
  • Former owner of a family and child therapy practice
  • Holds degrees from Northwestern University and Case Western Reserve University

Three things you may not know about Victoria. She is a:

  • Technology enthusiast- Maker, Hacker, Apple Fan Girl
  • Tech and business news junkie
  • Early adopter of social media

Most recent courses taken:

  • Content Strategy for Professionals 1: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization (Northwestern University via Coursera.org)
  • Introduction to Marketing (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania via Coursera.org)

Victoria’s experience with social media content marketing:

Victoria made her Encourager Mom idea a success faster than she ever though possible using social media content marketing. She wants to help your business achieve the same. After being surprised by her success and wanting to learn more about how she could replicate it, she dedicated herself to studying basic marketing principles, social media and content marketing strategy.

Now, Victoria helps other businesses achieve success by engaging a wider audience using social media content marketing. Social media content marketing as Victoria defines it is “Using the power of social platforms to drive relevant content to a target audience.”

Find out more and let us know how we can help your business today! Please fill out the contact form below.


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