The Latest in Content Marketing: SEO Text vs Images, Short Content, Content Tools

Today’s content marketing articles will help us decide on how to use text and images for SEO and what types of short content work. Today’s featured resource is an awesome list of content tools from the informative HubSpot content experts.


1. SEO Content: The Perfect Mix of Text and Images for SEO Success

To make sure you are optimizing SEO even in image-driven content consider describing your images or how they were created, add appropriate tags to all images, including geo-tagging for a local business and consider the interplay of social and SEO. via SEMrush Blog.

2. Small is Beautiful: 6 Shorter Content Types that Work

Specific tips, news in your field, questions you have answered, a glossary of terms, a resource list or content from your other assets are easy ways to create short pieces of content. Sometimes, shorter is better! via Blog


3. The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

Tools for research, writing, editing and designing are in this top-notch list. Plus, a timely reminder that automation will not replace those who use it. From our friends at Hubspot.


How are you doing optimizing your content, including images for SEO? Are you creating content that works for you? If you need any help, contact us. We would love to provide your business with a free digital diagnostic to see how we can assist you in meeting your business goals.


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