New Rainmaker Review 2015

Updated: New Rainmaker, an all-in-one website solution and online business platform, has been a blessing to me and my business. With it’s emphasis on helping the business owner maintain a tight focus on creating content, cultivating relationships and measuring outcomes, the New Rainmaker Platform solves many time consuming problems of online entrepreneurs, both new and experienced.
New Rainmaker is a comprehensive pre-made system for marketing that also includes:
  • your “self-hosted” Wordpress website
  • free gorgeous, high-quality, responsive WordPress themes by StudioPress
  • podcast hosting and sharing support
  • SEO optimization of each post as well as your overall site
  • lead pages and sales pages
  • membership site hosting
  • e-commerce for your downloads
  • analytics
  • blog calendar and scheduling
  • awesome quick support
  • full membership to Authority which is a prominent online marketing University sponsored by the famous
  • built-in course creator (learning management system)
  • adaptive responses and more
I find New Rainmaker to be very affordable and a good value because of all the programs and services it replaces. It is the least expensive option of all that I looked at.
First, let me describe for whom the New Rainmaker platform is best and not best.
New Rainmaker will most benefit:
  • The busy entrepreneur who wants to grow the production of her business rapidly and does not have the time to deal with outdated plugins or lack of support.
  • The new entrepreneur who may still be working at a full-time job or juggling other responsibilities who wants to focus primarily on the income-producing part of his business.
  • The growing entrepreneur who has a successful online business (or 2!) but wants to create another stream of income through another business quickly and easily
New Rainmaker may be frustrating for those entrepreneurs who:
  • Like to tinker with CSS and customize every single detail of their website
  • Enjoy researching and installing multiple plugins
  • Prefer to maintain separate billing for separate services such as web hosting, social scheduling, lead page creation, course creation, podcast hosting and sharing, selling information products and membership sites.
My favorite features of New Rainmaker so far:
  • #1 has to be the support. I am one to run to Google to answer every question for me but that can be time-consuming. With New Rainmaker, one e-mail and my question, no matter how large or small, will be answered quickly. Also, the Knowledge Base and New Rainmaker forums and webinars on the Authority site are amazing.
  • I love the built-in SEO features that help me to quickly and easily optimize each post, including the images and title shared on each social media site.
  • The Studio Press themes are so good! And new ones are being added often. I love the step-by-step instructions so I can make my site look exactly as the demo.
  • I had been researching podcasting options and I am very pleased with the New Rainmaker podcasting solution which optimizes my podcasts for upload to iTunes.
  • The built in landing pages and sales pages are beautiful and that saves me from having to pay for another option.
  • The integration with Paypal, Stripe and is seamless
  • The integration with my Mail Chimp account is very helpful
Overall, my experience with New Rainmaker has been very  positive. I have saved both time and money. Most importantly, New Rainmaker has helped this easily distractible entrepreneur focus on her business in ways that are most profitable and not get caught up in time-consuming details. I highly recommend New Rainmaker.
Details: A free trial is available. After the 2-week trial, the charge is $95/month, payable quarterly at $285. Access your free trial through my affiliate link here.
new rainmaker trial

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