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Let’s explore the latest in social media and content marketing. Here are my most interesting and useful tweets and tips from around the web. news

All About You?

Is your business structured around what  YOU offer or the people you are serving? One tip-off: does your site highlight your product or features instead of how customers use your products? Be part of the 30% who are getting this right and not the 70% whose businesses are structured around their offerings.


See the rest of the data about how few CMO’s are organizing around buyer personas.  Read more about these numbers at B2B Marketing Number of the Week: 30%

Preppy Isn’t Dead?

Do you remember the alligator? The one that often adorned the shirts of the tennis crowd and later became a fashion statement from high schools to post-boardroom golf outings? Lacoste, the legacy brand long-associated with preppy, golf and tennis, seeks to revitalize using Vine, Instagram and Facebook to showcase their tennis fashions. Learn from what they got right as well as where they could have done better.  Many detailed and interesting statistics to learn from here.

Read more in this Marketing Land article: Lacoste Uses Instagram, Vine & Interactive Mobile App To Introduce New Tennis Racket, Fashion Line

Expect Customer Expectations

Have you ever faced a disappointed client or customer because of a misunderstanding of expectations? I am sure that you have.  I enjoyed this article with its diverse, very useful examples of managing expectations. Read and find out what happens when companies meet or exceed expectations (both voiced and silent) and the negative consequences when expectations are not met. Your company content can be used to clearly state what to purchasers and what to expect.


I found this article on KissMetrics here: How Customer Expectations Can Affect Your Conversion Rate

From Storify Founder to Stay-At-Home Dad

Storify was developed as a platform to make creating, curating and sharing content easier for everybody. It works to help content generators organize & share content in useful ways. Now owned by LiveFyre, the founders are moving on. Interesting story about life after a successful startup.


Read the article on TechCrunch. Warning- photos of cute baby and a cat are part of this story. Storify Founders Leave For Open Source, Baby

Favorite Tweets– Other articles of interest I read and tweeted recently:

The debate continues: what is the role and future of email marketing? Life Beyond The Click: Email In 2015

From brainstorming to testing, create the best content. 7 Step Content Creation Strategy for Epic Content Marketing

Too bad we have to hire teams to deal with trolls and abuse. Twitter Triples The Size Of The Abuse Support Team & Adds Doxing Reports

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