Is content marketing only for big brands?

The answer is NO. Content marketing works for solo, micro and small business and my experience and that of thousands of others  proves this.

Before I knew about the field of content marketing, I used these methods to grow my Encourager Mom community from a handful of friends to thousands. Small businesses are increasingly utilizing the power of content marketing to boost their revenues.

While it is true that big brands such as Red Bull, Marriott and Coke are well-publicized for their content marketing success, small businesses are adapting the methods for their audiences.

You want what the big brands want:

  • High-quality content that accurately reflects your brand
  • Ways to reach your customers where they spend much of their time, online and on social networks
  • Informative content to keep visitors returning and establish your authority and expertise in your field
  • Content that can be repurposed in many different ways across multiple channels
  • Well-written content by a native English speaker and prize-winning writer
  • Diverse types of content including your text in video and images

Are you ready to upgrade your business and reach more customers or clients?

From content creation to content curation, we help you find the best resources for your content marketing strategy. Let us work for you and help you build a business based on content to help you reach your audience.